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Don’t turn away from possible futures, untill you’re certain you have nothing to gain from them…



The album ‘ Place To Fall’ from Grand Avenue is released in Denmark today. This time the band have composed an album, less polished and with a rougher sound. A fantastic expressive journey, poetic and well written lyrics, makes you feel like they’re on the verge of change. The confusion is clear, via the variety of moods that each song portray. Still the total consumption is dramatic and relateable to the searching soul.

The references are wider, the album glances at the electronic scene and has a significant live feel.  In particular Baerentzen’s guitar is more defined, it stands out as a sepperate element, yet it beautifully accompanies Walter’s more cool and ‘desperate’ vocals.


“We have definately had a different approach this time, and have tried to get rid of the acoustic sound, that has influenced the previous albums. This time all four of us have participated with input. Also our producer, Richard Rainy, has been in the forefront programming the electronic sound  eg. the drumloops in ‘Black Heart’” – Say’s frontman Rasmus Walter.


The lyrics are atmospheric and expresses a longing to settle, yet you have a fear of loosing life opportunities, quote:  looking for a place to fall, but i don’t wanna miss out    It sounds like the passed year has been about uprooting and rebooting. The guy’s have been on tour for most of last year, going all in on music.


We have brought a lot of the energy from touring into the studio. I have always been restless, so it suits my soul being on the road. The lyrics ARE about rootlessnes. They center around being afraid of settling, saying no to bonding and yes to freedom,- they are the most cynical lyrics i have ever written. – says Rasmus.


Apparantly the Danish critics have deemed them with a stigmata of superficial Coldplay – sound-a-likes, an easy listining band, ment for the 35 year old single mums in the suburbs???. The incompetent, selfproclaimed music conniseurs, has apparently NOT given the band a chance to redefine their reputation as the high quality sound engeniers they have proven to be with  a ‘Place to fall’.


All bands are compared to others all the time. I don’t get why it’s such a scandal being comparred to great commercial bands, when our music is melodic and mainstream. As long as the band we are being compared to sell records….says Rasmus


Those who think they know Grand Avenue, dont know Grand Avenue till they have heard them live. The band has achieved great succes abroad. The album ‘The outside’  has toured both Europe, USA and China. Once again the four band members are planning to take on the world, with ‘Place to fall’ when it is internationaly released early 2010. So for now; the stuck up Danes can wallow in their preconceided stensel of what they want them to be.


Grand Avenue are:

Rasmus Walter ( Leading vocals, guitar) Niels Christian Baerentzen ( Lead guitar)

Marc Stebbing ( Bass, backup vocals) Hjalte Thyesen ( Drums) 

Written by contributors; Anne Klitten & Cecilie Lassen.