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Here are some of the pictures from the TAKE OFF event at La Casita Del Mar, El Prat Beach in Barcelona. The location of the beach party was stunning with a great view over the sea. It was organized to last for 2 days. I am not used to that here in Copenhagen nightlife. Anyway the days went with taking pictures for Brazilian and Spanish VOGUE and covering the event. Beside that I got a huge challenge being a moderator for the event, where I was interviewing Dj’s and as you can see in the pictures also the General Manager of the 5 star hotel Me- Barcelona, where I had been staying.

At the interviews of the the TAKE OFF event I was questioning the Dj’s about the city, their record label, their latest tracks and releases, their most favorite city they played in and what the future holds for them. Some of the Dj’s that I interviewed were Layo & Bushwacka (UK), Audiofly (SP), M.A.N.D.Y (GR), Matthias Tanzmann (GR), Lulu Rouge (DK) and Valentin Huedo (SP). 


Fashionwise  I got a lot of good shots of interesting people wearing cool outfits: 

Pictures number:

3. I like the purple dress, (she got it from Paris).

4. Danish Anne is wearing Acne dress and Vagabond shoes. She is blogging on her blog The Bandits. Tabita is wearing a blue vintage trouser suit and Chloé shoes.

5. I am in the picture with DJ M.A.N.D.Y from Berlin.

6. Two girls who work with fashion and modelling.

7. Danish model Amaile and friend.

8. DJ’s Scarlett Etienne, Luca from Audiofly and Konrad Black.

9. Audiofly playing.

10. Valentin Huedeo in green trousers together with camara man Bastien.