6:22 pm

Snapshots from Caligula..


Pictures by spotding.com. Picture 1, 4 & 5 I found at the party/picture site weknowwhatyoudidlastnight.

I have been to The BathHouse twize (Friday’s is Caligula nights) . First time where my friend Ali Love was singing and last Friday where Robert Outch was dj’ing. Time Out London says about Caligula club; ” A chic indie-disco that’s miles ahead of the rest in the cool (and polysexual) stakes, where fashion prancers and raved-up chancers unite to watch guest indie-disco-electro DJs spin inside a giant birdcage, all in wondrous former Turkish baths nestled in the city.” Location: Every Friday at 5 Bishopsgate Churchyard London, EC2M 3TJ.

If you are up for a great party you should go to Caligula. It has a nice environment, inspiring people and a great dj line up. xxx