7:45 pm

SPOT Festival



This very weekend you could almost hear the air kisses wooshing by as a bunch of music business people and music lovers in general gathered in Århus, Denmark for the SPOT Festival 2009. What started out as a common ground and gathering for new and exciting upcoming bands that played for a selected few, has now evolved into a small festival with all kinds of bands in every genre spread out in venues through the city! Here in lies it’s strength and it’s weakness. What to see and how to find the time for all of it? You could go for established artists such as Tim Christensen, Volbeat and Fagget Fairys or rock out to the tunes of new music in the “Way Up North” tent where The Attacks made a strong impression with their 60’s guitar riffs. A couple of my great experiences this year included Valravn where Anna Katrin entered the stage in

what looked like a french haute couture piece and sang in a enthralling strange voice. It completly took me by surprise how she snared me even though I didn’t understand a word of her songs in her native tongue (Faroe Islands). A punch to the stomach with groovy bass, kick drums, and old folk instruments. Elektro-folk at it’s finest – check it out. The William Blakes had the tent singing and rocking from the first lines from Kristians lips; White Pony got their crowd excited with danceable sampling and wild stage performance; The Soundvenue afterparty saw 1300 drunk people crammed in an old theater for a party-like-there-is-no-tomorrow; WhoMadeWho disappointed with an introvert performance and never really connected with their listeners; and last but not least Mames Babegenush who played klezmer with an edge that I found myself lured into from the few notes floating out through the door I passed to the small dark venue they played in. One of the best concerts this year where people just couldn’t stand still and had to give in to manic dancing. SPOT had it’s rain and it’s sunrays – both music and weather vise. Make a plan and stick to it vigorously or just go with the flow and ask strangers for recommendations. That is one of the best ways to explore and expand. See you next year!