5:55 pm

Uncommon Creatures


My good friend Jens (Style.dk) and his partner Christina Højris Ottosen has created their debut fashion collection called Uncommon Creatures. I have waited long time to see what they would come up with and I am not disappointed at all – it looks amazing. I can’t wait to look closer to the collection – It will be available in the Danish store Paris Texas August 2010.  – Congratulation and all the best /Fiona


“The inspiration to the AW10 collection occurred on a very random Monday evening. I’m sitting in the subway heading for Brooklyn, when a young orthodox Jew enters the train and sits down right in front of me. I can’t help but stare at his snake curls and his huge black hat. He obviously notice my starring, and responds with a nod and a ”Yeah, I know”.  I immediately start playing with the possibility of creating a fashion collection inspired by orthodox Jewish style. And here we are.” (Jens Kold-Christensen)

The silhouette of uncommon creatures is avant-garde and raw while keeping a high degree of simplicity. The AW10 collection sends the wearer on an anachronistic journey where essential aesthetic elements of various Judaistic societies are used as a central theme. This is visualised and expressed both through simple styles, the recognisable hats, and lengths, but also through knitwear depicting orthodox Jews and east orthodox crosses. All styles are created in a dark and monochrome colour scheme.


Studio: The Lab, Model: Oliver Klixbüll, Photography: Andreas Omvik & Henrik Nielsen, Styling: Anne Stine Bae, Make-Up & Hair: Mie Elizabeth Petersen & Gabriella Tipsa Bruun