4:50 pm

Animal bracelet

 Jewelry designer Krista Kretzschmar makes handmade bracelets of dogs and cats etc. that you can order in bronze or silver at a price of €320 (or 450 USD). If you want them in gold (rose, yellow, white or red) it will cost thereafter. I really think there are cool, I would get a dog bracelet, as I love dogs! She also take special orders of your favourite animal/pet (dog, cat, bear, lynx, horse, cow, yes, anything you want basically) and if they are made in bronze or silver, such a unique bracelet will cost €600 (850 USD). If you want to place an order you have to send pictures of the animal/pet to her.

She doesn’t have any web-shop yet, but she is working on it! Until then you can contact her here: krista.kretzschmar@gmail.com