2:36 pm

Christmas presents

Hey everyone! I am back in Copenhagen and have had a great Christmas and a happy New Year, celebrating on Sylt in Germany! Above you see some of the most fashion related Christmas presents I got for Christmas.

1. Vintage butterfly brooch

2. Vintage belt

3. A bag for lingerie

4. Pillows, London, Paris, circus and the UK flag

5. Royal Copenhagen cups

6. Kimono from my mum, who just came back from Japan!

7. H&M Statement earrings

8. Stuff for my kitchen from PIP HOME & a Japanese knife with my name written on!

9. Books, i’ll might change the beauty book (SkĂžnhed) to another relevant book!

10. Here I am walking at the beach on Sylt. I am wearing a COS jacket & UGG boots to keep my feet warm!