2:44 pm

Looklab event

This weekend I spent most of my time with the lovely bloggers from looklab.dk. We had a train event Friday & Saturday, where we invited readers to come meet us, buy our clothes and win lots of presents.  – The reason why I was part of all this, is because I am the NEW blogger at looklab.dk. I will begin to blog end of this week and I can’t wait to get started! I hope that you will keep reading my blog and follow my adventures at looklab.dk. You can always find me on my url www.spotding.com. For your information, I will start writing in both Danish and English – I hope that you will enjoy it ;)  THANK YOU Looklab for a GREAT weekend with all of you! // Fiona Jane

Picture 1: I am wearing my sisters Isabel Marant dress, vintage lace cardigan, Acne boots and hat from Paris.

Picture 2: Trine is hanging up her clothes in the train.

Picture 3: Goodiebags

Picture 4: Readers arrives!

Picture 5: Me and Sara

Picture 6: Camille, Sofie and AC

Picture 7: Me and Trine

Picture 8: The whole looklab crew!