11:43 am

Integral press day

I’m dj’ing at INTEGRAL’S press day wearing Prim I am dress, Five Units jeans, vintage “Hollywood” t-shirt, Headphones from AIAIAI & ALL jewelry are from Just Female. I love Just female and you can also now purchase them in Topshop London!

Overload of Just Female jewelry – I couldn’t choose which one to wear!

Beautiful singer Freja Loeb was also dj’ing at the event. She is such a nice person –  I gave her a PSYKO CANDY TATTOO ;)

Nina & Line from 9pr, me, Nadia designer from Prim I am and Pr Integral lady Barbara.

Just Female jeans.. wish the dyed ones were hanging in my closet now!

Just Female leopard trousers & Surface To air jacket.

Singer Rasmus Walter with a PSYKO CANDY TATTOO!