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Spotding Closet #2 with Cecilie Lassen

Spotding Closet #2 with Cecilie Lassen

Jeg har glædet mig meget til at dele den næste Spotding Closet #2 video med jer. Det er min smukke og meget inspirende balletdanser veninde Cecilie Lassen. Jeg er meget fascineret af hendes stilsikre stil og inspirende kreative univers. I videoen lærer I Cecilie lidt bedre at kende når hun fortæller om hendes ballethistorie, viser hendes garderobe frem, giver gode styling – & hårtips. Denne video er lidt længere end den første og de kommende, men jeg håber I alligevel vil sætte tid af til at nyde den.

Jeg glæder mig til at høre hvad I synes om videoen?

Spotding Closet #3 bliver  med visual director & stylist Clara K. Hvis der er en person I synes jeg skulle have med i Spotding Closet må I meget gerne komme med forslag og jeg vil gøre mit bedste for at få dem med!

Nedenfor kan I se billeder fra Cecilie’s garderobe/hjem. Jeg har også lavet en Q&A på Cecilie for at blive klogere på hendes stil.

Hvis I har nogen spørgsmål til Cecilie, kan I stille dem i kommentarfeltet og Cecilie vil svare på dem.


I’ve been looking very much forward to sharing the next Spotding Closet #2 video with you. It is my beautiful and very inspiring ballerina friend Cecilie Lassen. I’m very intrigued by her style and very inspired by her creative universe. In the video you get to know Cecilie better when she talks about her ballet history, showing her wardrobe and giving you great styling – & hair advices. This video is slightly longer than the first and the next, but I hope you will still take time to enjoy this too.
I’m excited about hearing what you think about the it? 

Spotding Closet #3 will be with visual director & stylist Clara K – so stay tuned!

 I would love to hear who YOU would like to see in Spotding Closet video’s and I will do my best to get them!

Below you can see pictures from Cecilie’s closet & home. I’ve also done a Q&A on Cecilie to learn more about her style.

If you have any questions to cecilie you can ask the question in the comments field and Cecilie will personally answer them.

Q & A // Cecilie Lassen / Copenhagen/ Ballerina

Favorite Stores?

&Pagne, Pede&Stoffer, Weekday, Topshop, H&M, PRAG, Isabel Marant & Ebay.com

Favorite designers?

Alexander wang, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Helmut lang, Acne, Spon Diogo, Veronica B. Vallenes, Haider Ackermann…

System or Chaos? Systematic Chaos

Collectors or hunters? hunter

Your latest purchase? 

Blue patchwork shirt from Isabel Marant

Your oldest piece in the closet?

My Dr. Martens from 8th grade… around 1995

Your all-time classic?

Jeans & white T – classic

What is so worn through and should really be banned?

have a serious lack of empathy for kitten heels … yuk!

Favorite accessories? my vintage afghan bracelet

So what are you most proud of in your closet?

My rag/carpet vest

Who or what inspires you? And why? My friend Amalie Adrian has the BEST style… very different from my own, but she really inspires me – her closet as well as her personality – she’s good at everything i am not….

What’s missing in your wardrobe? I do not own a LBD or black stilettos….

Runway or My Way? a mix – My runway…

Who would you like to go shopping with? Stylist kristoffer Sakurai gives great advice when shopping- he pushes my style but i always feel good…

What do you always have on you? Cigarettes

What do you think is the perfect outfit 1.Date? Jeans, T and heels – not too intimidating or sexy but still cool and tangeable ….

What do you think is the biggest fashion difference between Copenhagen and other cities? We are not the most daring crowd… eg London, NY Paris, Tokyo more people have their completely own sense of style – we are more unison – and we all wear a lot of black and grey – myself incl.

Who’s closet would you like to have? Abbey Lee, Leigh lezark, Chloe Sevigny, Lou Doillon

Your biggest fashion faux pas? Overtly sexy outfits deprived of humor or attitude, hair extensions, french nails and knock offs….

Favorite song at the moment? please Mr. jailer – Wynona carr , Nightcall from the Drive Soundtrack, Iron – wood kid.

Where can you be found? 

a brown bodega is where I can be found on the weekends….

Copenhagen do: Do discover the wonderes of the royal theatres young artists and Do try a “Ristet med det hele” at a hotdog stand and Do visit Christiania for a smoke…

Copenhagen don’ts: Don’t just stick to the beaten path ask the locals, for cool areas to shop and eat….