2:20 pm

Aussie shoot



It was a very sunny day on Friday and we had the most amazing view from the location.


Make up & hair is being done before the shoot. Here I’m wearing a pencil skirt and cropped top from Zara.


Me working out some model poses in front of the camera with a Aussie spray.

funda&IMy Danish blogger friend Funda.

Friday I was in Stockholm, where I was part of a new secret campaign for Aussie together with a couple of cool Scandinavian bloggers. From Denmark my sweet friend Funda and I represented, and we had a great day together. Below you can meet two Norwegian bloggers that I met on the photo shoot.


Norwegian blogger Kaja Marie wearing her final outfit with her new Chanel vintage bag – so jealous!


Vintage Chanel <3 coloredhair Norwegian blogger & DJ Styledevil.com