12:37 pm

Berlin / Easter holiday


Yes I wish that it was as sunny in Berlin now as in these pictures.. Tonight I arrive in Berlin where my mum lives and to spent my Easter holiday. These pictures are taken from my TRAVELspot section and was taken a very hot summer in 2010. I hope to find some new great tips to add my little personal guide. I am very exciting about seeing my family, going to the Opera, nice restaurants and just relax. OK I might go for a dance with my sisters somewhere nice and meet up with some German friends. It’s even more freezing in Berlin than London, so I’m packing cashmere, fur, boots and warm stockings! I hope you will all enjoy you Easter holidays and your time with your families.

1/Me at Soho House Berlin, 2/VOO store, 3/Mitte street set, 4/Vietnamese Restaurant

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