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Q & A / Elise Haugslett


Hey guys, its Friday!! Finally its about time for some more Closet talk. I’ll start sharing the Q & A with you and Sunday you can come back to watch the 23 min long Spotding Closet video with beautiful Elise Haugslett. I promise you won’t get bored at any time, it is so inspiring. I planned it to go online early Sunday, so you have all day time to watch it. Elise has a very confident style which I really like and it was a great pleasure to film her. Also remember to listen to her 5 favorite tracks at the moment (below). Please feel free to comment and Elise and I will answer as soon as possible. Best, Fiona

Q & A //

Elise Haugslett, London, PR/

Favorite Stores in London? Dover Street, LN-CC, Opening Ceremony, Monki of course and all the amazing London markets.

Favorite online shopping sites? I feel like shopping online is like reading a kindle, not the same thing. I prefer going in store where you can see all the details such as fabrics, textures, shine etc. There is also nothing like the taking something home – I dont like the wait of online shopping.

Favorite designers? At the moment Marques Almeida and Thomas Tait.

Your oldest piece in the closet? All my mother’s pieces from the 90s – she wore them in her 40s and I in my 20s.

Your all-time classic? My fat lady´s kaftan – soooo comfortable that it feels like I´m wearing jammies in the day.

Favorite accessories? I’m not big on accessories, I like the outfit to be clean – less is always more. I don’t often wear jewelry, but when I do I like to wear statement necklaces or earrings.

Do you have a fashion faux pas? Overthinking it! Anything that feels to hard, looks too try-hard.

What is so worn through and should really be banned? Pajama sets in the day – pet peeve! Other than that I don´t believe in limitations.

So what are you most proud of in your closet? My vintage bargains.

How many vintage treasures are hanging in your closet? More than half.

System or Chaos? Considering my clothes are color coded – maybe system? But then they all have crinkles – so a little bit of chaos.

What’s missing in your wardrobe? Basics – I have an aversion against buying sensible clothes. My mother buys me wool socks in winter and this Christmas my sister was kind enough to buy me a rain jacket. Aesthetics before practicality always.

Runway or My Way? I always like to be inspired by runway looks, but it is much more interesting to see how people put their personal spin on an outfit – so My Way.

Who would you like to go shopping with? My friend Sara – she is ruthless!

What do you always have on you? Something black and oversized.

What do you think is the perfect outfit 1’st date? Come to think to it – I´ve never actually dated. I go on dates with my boyfriend and then I´ll make an effort to dress up, but normally I just dress in what makes me feel comfortable depending on the mood and the situation.

What is the biggest fashion difference between London and other cities? Street fashion which often filters through later in other places. Diversity – each borough feels like a different city.

Who’s closet would you like to steal if you could? I´ve already stolen my moms.

Top 5 favorite song at the moment? 

1. A few months back I had Julio Bashmore – Au Seve and Blawan – Getting Me Down on repeat, they’re guilty pleasures.

2. The old disco classic Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face always gets my awkward body popping going.

3. For our xmas party we played Midnight Magic – Beam Me Up – good times vibes.

4. A friend of mine introduced me to the saxophonist Colin Stetson and his amazing circular breathing – Judges is a really nice track.

5. Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance reminds me of my friend Rachael. This summer Why- Carly Simon was my friend Amanda’s anthem.

Where can you be found? Anywhere with a Negroni in my hand.

London do: Watch the sunrise at a party.

London don’ts: Oxford street on a weekend.