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Sandie, London and her first Burberry Trench coat


Last weekend my friend Sandie visited me in London and we had so much fun shopping. She came for two days only and came home with a lot of good things, both vintage, high street and high fashion. Read more below. I have also attached the first Spotding Closet video that I have done. It’s my Sandie girl who is featuring- WATCH and get inspired!!

Pictures above: 1/ Sandie is loving LEON the naturally fast food chain. 2/Me & Sandie chilling after shopping at Topshop. 3/ Sandie is loving her new paliet knit from Topshop. 4/Sandie and I got street styled by Glamour UK. 5/Sandie enjoys London and hanging on the red busses!? 6/At Lucy & Disguise vintage Sandie found an amazing “candy” colored dress – the perfect wedding dress if you were getting married. You can shop their hand -picked vintage HERE.

sandie_burberry2Sandie with her new love!

Fiona Jane: How was your London shopping adventure last week? Sandie: Amazing visiting friends, getting my Burberry and eating gluten free at Leon’s.

FJ: How would you describe your style? S: I’m afraid you can’t put it down on one paper – schizophrenic perhaps – one day this and the next day something else – But you will always see me with a little print, color or sequins. I have a mickey-mania thing going on – actually it started in London 20 years ago… come and see my Mickey Mouse collection one day!

 FJ: You have saved money and bought a Burberry trench coat whilst you were in London. Why was this a big wish for you? What were your thoughts on choosing the model/color? S: Burberry is a classic – and black because it then can tone down my craziness. I think it is possible to wear everything with that coat and I can’t wait until the sun is back in Copenhagen.

 FJ: What was your impression from London the two days you were here? S: Loved it – I am coming back soon. There were lots of tourists of course, but there were so much visual to be inspired by.

 FJ: Where would you recommend other shoppers to go in London? S: Do like me – wear sneakers and stroll… get away from Oxford Street – seek and you’ll find the right places.

Get your own Burberry trench coat HERE – Happy Shopping!