9:36 pm

Beauty essentials


Lately I have been craving some new beauty products and these favorites are now integrated in my daily beauty routine. The Clinique Moisture surge creme is the best thing I have done for my skin in a long time and not to mention the “all about eyes serum” that I use every morning to wake up my eyes! My daily beauty routine includes 100% a mascara therefor important with a good one – the new Loréal Manga does the job perfectly for me. A friend of mine taught me how to use fake lashes so it doesn’t look fake. She told me to cut off some of the lashes 1/3 to make it look more naturally. (Just put a little bit of clue, let it dry and then apply, easy!). Now after I have tried it a couple of times it’s actually super easy and I love to use them at special events or on a night out. I always get so many compliments so it’s totally worth it. I have attached links below where you can find all the products mentioned.


 Diptyque, PhilosykosSolid parfume by DiptyqueClinique “all about the eyes serum”Clinique Moisture Surge & Loréal MANGA mascara