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Im proud to present the next SPOTDING CLOSET featuring the talented musician FALLULAH. Fallulah (aka Maria) has been my friend for a while now, but before I knew Fallulah I noticed her amazing style which stood out in her own personally way. Finally I have been able to get inside her closet when I visited her in New York back in May. Personally I love this film, her style and the whole New Yorker vibe. Enter full screen and watch it! I promise you will feel inspired for your next personally purchase – I have provided you with some direct shopping links if you are in the shopping mood. Please comment on what you think about this film and it will make me so happy! Enjoy!


Closet Interview – 

Fallulah, NYC/Copenhagen – Singer-songwriter and producer 

Q & A //

Favourite stores? I’m a big fan of Opening Ceremony because they carry all my favorite brands. The Opening Ceremony on Howard Street in New York is big and often gets new stuff. Also, they always have a sale on the bottom floor, where I always find some really cool things. I really love furniture and stationary so I was really excited when I recently found such a gem called “Goods For The Study” on Mulberry st. The store is owned by the Mcnally Jackson book store, which is an awesome place too. I can highly recommend it.

Favourite online shopping site? For bigger purchases I like to shop on Mytheresa.com. For something a bit more causal I think ASOS is a good alternative with friendly prices.

Favourite designers? Kenzo, Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent and Carven to name a few. I also love Stella Mccartney. Her clothes are nice and she cares about animals. Since becoming a vegan myself I am more conscious of the clothing I buy and where it comes from, so I’m in the process of educating myself more on that.

Your oldest piece in the closet? That must be my yellow vintage Dior blazer with a gold button. I wore that for my first ever music video where I performed my song “Use It For Good” on a Copenhagen roof top on a beautiful summer evening. I’l never get rid of it.

Your all-time classic? I have two Camilla Stærk dresses that I’ve had for years. I still wear them frequently. They are really precious to me. She makes the most flattering cuts for women and the materials are really good quality, so you can keep them forever.

Favorite accessories? I always wear a couple of beautiful Maria Black rings on my fingers, they just make me feel cooler. When I was in LA recently I bought a beautiful choker necklace in a rose colored golden shade. It’s really badass.

Do you have a fashion faux pas? Of course. I would say that my bell-bottomed pink fake snake skin pants weren’t my finest moment.

What is so worn through and should really be banned? Bucket hats. They seems to be in again, at least they are in Europe. They are just the most unflattering thing. I don’t know if it’s meant to be worn ironic, I just wish people would stop it. Same with the sporty flip flops. I don’t care if they are made of solid gold, they ugly!

So what are you most proud of in your closet? I’m probably most proud of the pieces that I had made for me by different designers like Anne Sofie Madsen, Rikke Hubert and Lars Emil Bang for my shows. I like the whole process of meeting up with them to show them all my ideas and we’d come up with things together. It was really fun to be a part of that.

How many vintage treasures are hanging in your closet? Quite a few. They aren’t super fancy, most of the brands I don’t know, but I had a really  big thing for vintage jackets and blazers years ago, and I’ve kept them because they are so beautifully made. I get sentimental about them.

I also have an awesome metal fish that opens up like a small purse. It has a long golden chain and you wear it over one shoulder. I found that in New York, and it only fits a tiny amount of stuff, but I like how it doubles as a jewelry.

System or Chaos? Organized chaos.

Your oldest piece in the closet? My great-grandmother’s dress that I inherited. It was tailor made for her in a deep red shiny material with a belt in the waist, and actually fits me quite perfectly.

What do you wear on a day off? I walk around in my underwear or in some super casual clothes. I have these cute Marc Jacobs bunny slippers that keep my feet warm in my home.

Who would you like to go shopping with? Anyone who’s efficient and has a bit of an adventurous taste. Probably a buyer from a cool store or a fashion editor from a magazine. I have very little patience with shopping, dressing rooms etc. That’s why I try to avoid shopping with the girlfriends I have that takes ages deciding on something. I just run out of patience. I’m like: “If you really want it then get it. Life is short”

Who or what inspires you? and why? I get inspired a lot by moods and the weather. And I go through different stages like everybody else. Sometimes watching movies or reading books can pull me in so much that I just feel like living inside of that world, and I’ll feel like dressing up for that.

My biggest style icon would probably be Fran Fine from The Nanny. Ever since I was little I was just totally obsessed with her style. It’s so over the top and she looked amazing. Now that the 90’s are making a big comeback I predict a lot of the strong tendencies will come back, also the bad ones. It’s already happening.  It’s just a matter of time before we’re all wearing those beads in our hair again and bindis on our faces. Those were totally cool. I’ve started wearing white eye liner again too.

What’s missing in your closet? A good pair of boots.

What do you always have on you? Lipstick. They are all spread out in my different bags, so no matter which bag I grab running out the door, I’m sure that I’ll be packing.

What do you think is the perfect outfit 1’st date? Something that makes you feel pretty and has a good elastic band in the waist. You don’t want to be sucking in your stomach all night. You need to be able to relax and be yourself. I like wearing dresses on date nights with my boyfriend.

What is the biggest fashion difference between New York and other cities? Everything is just louder here, including the fashion. Bigger, better, badder. I love how you can’t describe what a typical New Yorker looks like, it’s just too individual to pin point.

Who’s closet would you like to steal if you could? The Nanny’s. Or the actress Anna Karina’s. A friend introduced me to her recently, she had amazing style.

Favorite song at the moment? I don’t really listen to music right now, because I’m writing an album. I tend to isolate myself a bit when I’m writing because I don’t want to be disturbed or influenced by whatever is popular.

Where can you be found? I’m a child of the internet, so you’ll find me there on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. I really enjoy the social medias, and I think they are all good for different things. Tumblr is crazy inspiring to me at the moment.

New York do: Do go out and eats tons of delicious cheap food, do save up a bit of money for shopping, and do go out dancing on week days.

New York don’ts: Ride a bike on Manhattan, it looks terrifying.