A ding About Spotding.com

Spotding was founded in April 2009 and was amongst Denmark’s first fashion blogs. The founder Fiona Jane started the blog as a way to share her thoughts on style and inspiration. Fiona is Danish born, with English and German roots and is currently living in London. Besides blogging Fiona also works as a creative director at her film concept SPOTDING CLOSET. Fiona also works as a freelance stylist & DJ at fashion events. On Spotding you can follow Fiona’s personal style, lifestyle and travel adventures in London and beyond.

A ding about Fiona Jane

Fiona got thrown into the world of fashion at the tender age of 16 when she started modeling in Milan. After finishing her high school she travelled for about 2 years modeling in Paris, Milan, Germany, Athens and Istanbul.

Fiona is known for her personal style and her creativity that has no limits, whether it’s visuals on her infamous blog, styling work, filmmaking, photography, events or dj’ing. Fiona always brings something special to the projects that she is involved in.

Spotding’s success has allowed her opportunities to collaborate with an exciting array of companies. To mention a few she had her own TV show for Monki Television, won an Aussie Blog Award, styled POP Cph fashion campaign, Dj’ed for H&M, taken street style photos for Brazilian VOGUE, reported for MTV District UK, interviewed & created films for Danish designers Anne Sofie Madsen & Stine Goya, creative consultant at COVER magazine, created key events during Copenhagen Fashion Weeks; Dior, MoonSpoon Saloon, Won Hundred as well as creating “Blogger Parties” with international bloggers such as Facehunter, Dandy Diary, Hanneli, Journelles and The-Blab. Recently Fiona worked as an International Event Manager at rewardStyle, where she arranged exclusive events with brands such as Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion and Topshop to mention a few.

A ding why

Fiona loves dressing up, and experimenting with her look depending on her mood. She loves to hunt down bargains, vintage treasures and to be inspired by people around her. That’s also why she likes to capture style and beauty on Spotding and in her Spotding Closet films. Fiona has filmed various closets amongst others model Chloe Norgaard, Ballet dancer Cecilie Lassen & many of her blogger friends. She loves that so many people can come here and share in the fun of life’s fancy assets. Fiona’s purpose is to inspire others to seek, create, and enjoy those moments themselves.

You might have asked yourself why the blog is called Spotding. Back in 2008, when she began to think about starting a blog, she liked the word trendspotting, because she likes to “spot trends/things”. Fiona put those two words together and voila SPOTDING was born. The German word “ding” fitted perfectly, as part of her is German.

Thanks to you

Most important are your visits, feedback and comments that keep this ding going. So, thank you for taking time to explore Spotding.

Get in touch

For collaborations, press inquiries, styling work, DJ booking, model work, advertising or just get in touch, please email fionajane@spotding.com.


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