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Pink Fur










Why not light up your Tuesday with a splash of colour like this furry thing from 2ndDay? :) These Monki jeans have become a favourite in my closet as you can see from my latest outfit posts. Im addicted to denim and always looking for a great new pair to add to my collection – usually I hunt for Levis 501’s original in vintage stores around Brick Lane or when I’m travelling.


2nd Day pink fur | Monki mom jeans | Topshop Belt | ACNE t-shirt | Dr. Martens shoes | Lars & Jennings watch | Maria Black rings, bracelet & anklet | Fiona necklace costomized in NYC | Miu Miu sunglasses |




Photography: Emma Hill


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I’m excited for the weekend. Tonight I’m going to my favourite restaurant called Bob Bob Ricard together with friends who are visiting. Tomorrow I’ll celebrate halloween with my blogger friend Zina at a party in Soho. The other day I wore this super cool Baum und Pferdgarten jacket, just love the tassel details and loose shape of it.


Baum und Pferdgarten jacket | Monki jeans | Acne T-shirt | Belsac backpack | Gian Vito Rossi shoes | Maria Black ear cuff | Topshop belt | Ilariusss hat



Shop a similar look below:


Photography: Emma Hill 

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Berners Street



Just think people have time to write letters nowadays. I recently got this personal handwritten letter from Julien at CLOSED, which I though was really cool. He was telling me all about himself and the brand he works for. The company goes back to 1878 believe it or not. WOW – and is still a family run business!

Along with the letter came these really cool classic jeans, which are simply so super comfortable and easy to wear. They remake them under the name “Archive 85”. I felt inspired, so I checked out some of their old designs from the 80’s. Neat. I kind of like that they are actually remaking old styles like these.


Jeans by CLOSED |  Acne t-shirt | DAGMAR Adamina wool jacket  | Lars & Jennings watch | CELINE trainers | Miu Miu sunglasses | Maria Black earring | Maria Black bracelet & ring


This post was made in collaboration with ClOSED.


Photography: Emma Hill  (more…)

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Pink suede


FionaJaneStyle_asosPinkjacket FionaJanestyle_asospinkjacket2

These days I am enjoying a long weekend in Milan attending various fashion shows and events. You can follow my #MFW live updates on my instagram @spotding. This outfit was shot in London and I loved wearing this outfit. Specially this suede pink jacket from Asos together with the flared denim trousers. The t-shirt is from Anne Sofie back, Jewellery from Maria Black and bag from Prada.

Photos by Eva K. Salvi


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Miss Summer








It started to get colder in London but it’s not long ago that I wore this outfit with bare legs, I do miss those times already. Maybe I could actually already flash my white legs in Milan tomorrow where I am going to the Milan Fashion Week.. Will see what I feel like wearing! After Milan I am coming back to London for work and then directly after to Paris Fashion Week where I am hosting an event with rewardStye. Following that I have some days where I will attend fashion shows, events & parties – I can’t wait! xx Fiona

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I wore Filippa K t-shirt, Asos skirt, vintage hat, Prada bag, Topshop boots & Maria Black jewellery.


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Photo by Eva K. Salvi

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