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Spotding Closet featuring DJ & producer Cassy Britton


I am happy to share a Spotding Closet film with you before the New Year. My friend Cassy Britton, who is a known DJ & Producer visited me in London back in October. Cassy was going vintage shopping in Soho, where she wanted to find the right outfit for her DJ Ibiza-closing gig. I followed, and filmed her in the glorious vintage shop Lucy & Disguise in Lexington Street, where she tried on different outfits. In the film Cassy talks about her style, shopping routines and favorite shop in Paris. Do you want some great style inspiration – watch it now! The music in the film is Cassy’s own production. In 2014 Cassy will be playing all over the world, so I am sure you will catch her somewhere. See her upcoming gigs HERE.


Any serious feedback on my films are appreciated – Thank you for watching! All the best Fiona Jane


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Cover model Chloe Nørgaard



I love this cover with Chloe Nørgaard on the June/July issue of Danish COVER magazine. This is Chloe’s first cover in Denmark – congrats girl! I met Chloe last year at Roskilde Festival, where I fell in love with her awesome colorful style and character. I asked her to be my next Spotding Closet girl and she said immediately yes. If you haven’t seen the two series of Spotding Closet with Chloe yet, I’d recommend you to see them now – they are so inspiring! This cover is Summer perfect and fits totally to Chloe’s personality which is so happy and bright. You can also read some great interviews in COVER with Sofia Coppola, Yoko Ono og Coco O.

If you are around Copenhagen on the 5th June COVER is having a fab Summer party – I would go if I was not in Berlin!

Continue reading below to see invite.






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Vintage coat



I fell in love with this gorgeous vintage coat at Brick Lane Market on Sunday.. I wish I would have bought it, although I was thinking that I should buy Spring/Summer clothes instead of winter clothes. It is so cold in London these days so it would have been very convenient to have it. My hair is getting long again you see? it’s been a year since I cut it short, remember? Time goes by so quick, its really scary! Last week I got a new fringe, which I’m really happy about, and here I’m wearing my favorite hat at the moment. I feel a bit like Edie Sedgwich which also is one of my style icons. x

Cutting hair / three outfits from SpotdingTV on Vimeo.

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Anne Sofie Madsen AW13 X Maria Black



Just came back from Somerset House where we have prepared the Exhibition for London Fashion Week. There is a Scandinavian area where I will be with Berthrams with our brands Stine Goya and Anne Sofie Madsen till Tuesday. During Copenhagen Fashion Week we made this film with Anne Sofie Madsen and Maria Black. More backstage pictures on its way. Hope you like it? x x

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CFW/ Stine Goya Interview


Stine Goya // AW13 // Interview from SpotdingTV on Vimeo.

During Copenhagen Fashion Week last week, I teamed up with Christina from Berthram’swhich is a UK based sales & brand agency. In this video I meet the lovely designer Stine Goya and amongst others she tells about her inspiration for her AW13 collection. I hope you like it? Now I’m off to bed after a long week, have fun kids! x

Credits: Jonas Møller

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Spotding Closet #8 with Elise Haugslett


I am happy to present Spotding TV and the next Spotding Closet, which is my beautiful friend Elise Haugslett. I had a lovely day filming her in her apartment in Dalston, London just before Christmas. She really knows her style and I’m very inspired, so thanks Elise! Take a break and enjoy this cool closet! Please comment with some feedback and that will make my day! xx Fiona

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Spotding Closet #7 with Chloe Nørgaard, part 2 from SpotdingTV on Vimeo.

As promised you have here “Spotding Closet” with Chloe Nørgaard, part 2.  I had so much content with Chloe, and I didn’t want to through anything away, so I made a second part with her. In this part she talks about her scrapbooks, tattoos, shoes and her dj’ing. I enjoyed watching Chloé and listen to her small funny stories! Let me know what you think? (the comments fields works again!!)

Connect with Chloe at Twitter & Instagram here: @chloenorgaard & on her blog Artoftranslation.tumblr.com

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Spotding Closet #7 with Chloé Nørgaard


Spotding Closet #7 with Chloe Nørgaard, part 1 from SpotdingTV on Vimeo.

Finally it is time for a new Spotding Closet. Thank you all for your interest in my videos. I am happy that you enjoy them as much as I do making them. This time I am pleased to introduce the beautiful Chloe Nørgaard. I met her after Roskilde Festival where she showed me her “suitcase” closet in Copenhagen. Let me know what you think of it! Any comments would be appreciated. Spotding Closet with Chloe, part 2  will be online this week, so come back soon! LOVE, Fiona

Connect with Chloe at Twitter & Instagram here: @chloenorgaard


Credits: Jonas Møller 

Q & A //

Chloe Nørgaard, NYC (for now), model/dj/fairy

Favorite Stores (NYC)? Thrift stores, BESS,  Patricia Fields, wherever catches my eye. Not really loyal to anywhere

Favorite designers?
Asger Juel Larsen

Your oldest piece in the closet?
Totally still have clothes from when I was a kid :) & they fit <3 Mhm

Your all-time classic?
Cheap Monday high waisted studded jeans. Wear them more than anything else I own

Favorite accessories?
Mmm my hair. It glows in black lights which makes me happy EVERY time :)

Do you have a fashion faux pas?
I don’t even know what that means

What is so worn through and should really be banned?
Jeffrey Campbell Litas & girls walking around in skimpy dresses in the winter. WEAR A JACKET!

So what are you most proud of in your closet?
My missoni, furs & leathers oh & my new hieroglyphic Super’s

How many vintage treasures are hanging in your closet?
More than half

System or Chaos?
Chaos <3

What do you wear on a day off?
Same as I wear on days on. I like to have fun & I really like drop crotch pants

Who would you like to go shopping with?
Jimi Hendrix & Marilyn Manson

Who or what inspires you? and why?

What’s missing in your wardrobe?
The entire aw12 Kokon To Zai collection. I did the show & was dying. Everything is perfection <3.. But. Step 1 I have the gloves ;)

Runway or My Way?
Always my way

What do you always have on you?
Cigarettes, candy, phone & wallet

What do you think is the perfect outfit 1’st date?
As long as you’re yourself..

What is the biggest fashion difference between New York and other cities?

Who’s closet would you like to steal if you could?
My own if I won the lotto

Top 5 favorite song at the moment that you dj?
There’s too many to choose between. But my girl Ashley Allen is going to be the next big thing & her song Body Say No Heart Say Yes (which can be found on itsashleyallen.com) is going to be a hit. I think I need to make a drum&bass or fidget house orr maybe even deep house remix of it mhmhmhmmm<3

Where can you be found?
Anywhere with lots of bass or great food

New York do:
Essex street candy store.. Which is actually on Rivington..

New York don’ts:
Model clubs & Pacha

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