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Scary monsters in London


Wicked Halloween with my Danish girls :)

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Lovely Kate with a lovely dress


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Lise Birgens Kristensen


Picture 2: KSUBI. Picture 3: Balengiaca. Picture: 4 & 6 are vintage. Picture 7: Chanel jacket. Picture 8: Whyred dress. Picture 9: MASAI. Picture 11: Lanvin bag.

My old friend Lise from Aarhus has just moved to Copenhagen to do an internship as part of her studies at Aarhus architecture school. My other friend Sarah and I went to visit her in her new apartment at Sluseholmen some weeks ago. We hung out and talked about old days and ofcourse I could’nt resist to sneak inside her wardrobe :) I also asked her some questions.

Q:What is your favorite kind of design?
A: Less is more as someone said… I like simple basic design, without too many details.
Simplicity is beautiful, and to me often a stronger look…
Q:Where do you get your inspiration from?
A:People around me..
Q:What is your favorite shop?
A: GERARD (Via de’ Pecori 34 Florence, Italy) is one of my favorites. Whether you buy clothes for special occasions or jeans for everyday use, if you buy them there you will add a touch of originality to your wardrobe.
Q:What’s your favorite item?
A: My stunning Chanel jacket-  it will follow me till the day I die :)
Q: What are your favorite songs at the moment?
A: I think “LA ROUX” are amazing – specially while dancing!
My favorite song would be “The Balcony” by Rumour Said Fire… over and over again…

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I startet working as an intern at a PR agency called Village- Press. They have some amazing brands and amongst them this called Ashish. These styles are from A/W 09 and I love them!

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On Wednesday I was at a great pre Halloween party at club Maddox. People had really made an effort out of their costumes, which looked amazing. It was my first real Halloween party and it was crazy too!

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Halloween outfit


Last night I was celebrating Halloween in this indian outfit. More pictures coming soon!

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