12:49 pm

Giana Factory – Trippin


Tonight Giana Factory are releasing their new single “Trippin” at Mesteren & Lærlingen from 5pm. See you there!

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4:26 pm

A nice warm cardigan


Weekday 700 kr.  

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4:17 pm

Love it!


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9:01 pm

Youheshe.com reception



Elise, Steph and I went to check out the Danish web-shop Youheshe.com new showroom located at Rentemestervej 67 D, Copenhagen NV. It was a huge showroom arranged a bit like a New Yorker apartment. Here it is now possible to try on clothes from their webshop. 

Afterwards I went home to change and now I am going to the Royal theatre with Elise. We will be watching a rock theatre concert called “69″ . Have a great Friday “culture” night :)

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12:00 am

Wednesday: styling job and family time



Here are some pictures from yesterdays outfit and my styling job with ABC’s music video “My world”. In the evening I went to my family’s place where I had a nice dinner and great fun with my little sister Signe. I’ll have to jump to bed now, because I need to wake up tomorrow morning, where I have my last school day before moving to London :)  

I am wearing a velvet Cheap Monday dress, scarf used as head band from Bianco and a Monki knit.

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11:12 pm

Two tube dresses


Saturday I’m throwing a party at my house and would love to wear a more elegant outfit. – These two dresses could be awesome to have in my closet.


1. I found this Stine Goya tube dress in Pede & Stoffer – 2600 kr. 

2. ZARA tube dress – 459 kr.

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9:12 pm

Nice stuff



These jewelry are from the shop Pede & Stoffer in Copenhagen. I especially  like the feather and panther one, but the frog is not really me, but just a cool picture. Which one is your favorite?


1. Feather earrings 150 kr.

2. Panther 350 kr.

3. Frog 500 kr. 

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8:59 pm

Winter time..



Go for the color bordeaux and warm knee socks like Sarah from Noise PR.

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