7:10 pm

My Sunday at Brick Lane


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6:57 pm

First night in London


I arrived in Fashion street, Shoreditch in London :)  Here I will be living the first days before I will move to Camden Town. Love the city!

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12:19 am

My outfit from Saturday “Goodbye” party



Whyred dress and shirt, vintage blouse and necklace. 


This picture is from last Saturday where I had a little “goodbye” dinner/party for my friends. The reason why is that I am moving to London on Saturday, where I will be for two month doing an internship, as part of my education at KEA. So right now I am very busy with moving out of my apartment and get everything sorted- so I am very sorry that I haven’t been able to post that often lately. I Hope that you will stay tuned and get ready for a lot of nice trend-spots from London :) See you soon.

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2:17 am

I am curious about Stine Goya’s design for Weekday!


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12:34 pm

Keith & Anita



Anita Pallenberg is wearing a long sleeve lace top, big earrings and a hat – I like her look. – Keith looks great too.

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12:49 pm

Giana Factory – Trippin


Tonight Giana Factory are releasing their new single “Trippin” at Mesteren & Lærlingen from 5pm. See you there!

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4:26 pm

A nice warm cardigan


Weekday 700 kr.  

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4:17 pm

Love it!


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